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Critical Thinking Skills, Volume 1 - Core Career Builder

Core Career Builder Order Core Career Builder Now! Psychometric tests are standardized, scientific tests - usually taken on a computer, which are used to assess your intelligence, abilities, potential and personality. Most employers now use employment testing a sifting mechanism during the recruitment process, and career advisers use them as a tool for career assessment.

Get on the right track with
Core Career Builder

Our Core Career Builder program has been written and designed by the very people who conduct these career assessments and employment tests everyday for companies, universities and career advisers. Volume 1, Core Career Builder takes you, step by step through one test at a time. You will find the whole range of multiple choice and short answer employment personality tests used in business today.

The most valuable preparation is getting to know the different sorts of career assessment questions and employment test formats. Then practice will improve your reasoning skills and give a big boost to your confidence. With Core Career Builder you will learn that there is more than one way to find an answer to a question. You will also learn to recognize the same test when it is presented differently.

Psychometric tests are always against the clock. The more questions you answer the higher your potential mark. With this program you will gain the skill and knowledge you need to get you past the employment testing stage and in to the job.

With endless tests randomly selected from several hundred questions, you will develop your verbal, math and mechanical skills that are valued by today's employers.

System Requirements: Windows 7, Vista, XP - 128 MB RAM; 100 MB Hard Disk Space


Core Career Builder Volume 1 is an excellent tool for
Career Assessment, Employment Testing, and also
helps prepare you for Employment Personality Tests.

2004 Finalist, Distinguished Achievement Award for Brain Teasers


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