Educational Software for Schools

Software Categories: Math, Science, Critical Thinking, Social Studies, Health, Music, Art & Creativity, Language ArtsCore Learning publishes educational software specially designed for learning needs in important skill areas. Software programs are available as instructional aids to present curriculum in the classroom but also to supplement in-class instruction with self-paced learning programs used at school or online as after-school software programs. Core Learning publishes software for K-12 and has all major subject areas represented for K-8 curriculum.

Core Learning offers five different types of educational software:

  1. Self-paced courses
  2. Skill builder programs
  3. Tool-based programs
  4. Reference software
  5. Educational games

Self-Paced Courses

Math Software, Language Arts Software, and Health SoftwareCourse-based software programs, or courseware, present lessons organized to help students learn an important and discrete body of knowledge in important subject areas. Courses provide incremental instruction in logical progression. Courses in Math and Language Arts include assessment tools to evaluate individual learning needs and also to validate post-study learning gains. Courses in Health provide excellent learning resources for children and parents on how to stay physically and emotionally healthy. Core Learning currently offers eleven different courseware titles.

Skill Builder Programs

Skill builder software programs use practice environments to develop specific skills and cognitive powers. Calculation Skills Education Collection, Core Mind Builder, and Core Mind Builder Pro are examples of skill building software programs that develop math and critical thinking skills. Core Learning currently offers eight skill builder software programs.

Tool-based Programs

Tool-based programs contain tools and features to do work in a digital environment. While functional tasks can be performed with tool-based software, the programs Core Learning offers also help students acquire practical computer skills as well as developing skills in particular subject areas. Embedded with activities and digital resource libraries, these same tool-based programs can be used by teachers as instructional software for in-class presentations. All Core Learning tool-based software programs were designed for classroom use with interactive whiteboards or with a projector and screen.

Crayola Creativity Studio and coreFX Art SoftwareArt and creativity software programs (Crayola Creative Studio, coreFX) enable creation of realistic digital art creation, animations and digital editing, including photo editing. Music software (Notate) enables composition of music and develops musical appreciation. Science software programs (Simulation Insight) provide tools for creating computer models and running science experiments as computer simulations. Core Learning currently offers nine tool-based software programs.

Reference Software

Reference software provides convenient access to certain areas of knowledge and can be used for research and self-instruction. The Core Health Course Series of three software titles is a comprehensive K-8 health education curriculum that can be used as student or parent-oriented reference for health and wellness information or for teacher-led instruction. Know Your USA and Know Your Europe provide key geographical facts about places and natural features. Core Learning currently offers seven reference software programs.

Educational Games

Educational games are designed to help develop certain knowledge skills in a game environment. Core Mind Master uses a simple board game setting that helps develop math reasoning skills. Currently, Core Learning publishes only one game software title.


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