Revelation Sight & Sound

Revelation Sight & Sound Revelation Sight & Sound Tour Screenshots Order Now! Revelation Sight & Sound is a powerful yet easy to use software program for making and editing video, film and sound files. It has all the tools needed to make radio programs, slide shows and motion pictures, including animations, from simple to sophisticated ones.

A Storyboard Editor helps to perform pre-production planning. Standard digital sound and video files can be imported and edited plus still images, backgrounds and animation files from corefx Three Level can be imported and incorporated into video creations. The program also has plenty of resources included to learn how to use technology in making motion pictures and to acquire the artistic skills that generate high quality motion pictures.
These resources include a library of sound effects, video clips and movie clips.

A 49 page Activity Guide not only explains how to use the Revelation Sight & Sound program but also explains how motion pictures are made and what you need to know to direct the pre-production, production and post-production phases of a motion picture development. For teachers, the Activity Guide suggests many ideas for use of digital video development in many curriculum areas, including, science, history, geography, art, language arts and physical education.

Ages 7 to adult or grades 2 to 10.

The topics covered in the Activity Guide include:

  • How to use Revelation Sight & Sound
  • What it means to be a film maker
  • Steps in the film making process
  • Using different types of sound
  • How to make a radio program
  • How to make a slide show presentation
  • How to create movement in still pictures with the Rostrum Camera technique (zoom and pan)
  • How to tell a story with zoom and pan movements
  • How to make a documentary
  • How to use freeze frames, shots and transitions in movie production
  • Do the Living History project using directorial technique and refine skills
  • How to make an animated film
  • How to work with backgrounds and overlays (and importing images from corefx Three Level)
  • How to create a storyboard
  • How to use the Storyboard Editor
  • Roles of different people involved in film production
  • ideas for using digital video across the curriculum
  • Glossary

System Requirements:

The program is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP and requires a minimum of 512 MB RAM and 1 GB of hard disk space. A microphone for the computer will enable sound recordings with the software. Access to a digital camera and camcorder is recommended.


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