Notate 2

Notate 2 - Music Software Download a Demo Order Now! Notate 2 is a music composition program. Although designed for users with no particular music knowledge, the program has sophisticated features for composing and recording complex musical arrangements.

A simple drag and drop method adds notes and other musical notation to staves. The playing of the sound of each note as it is placed, develops the ear for music and aids the understanding of music. This intuitive program is loaded with features and resources to facilitate composition and develop music skills. Notate 2 composes and records music with a wide choice of instrument sounds, enables printing of music sheets, can output recorded music to MIDI musical devices, and can record music played on a musical keyboard.

Learning how to use Notate 2 is made easy with a Quick Start Guide and a Program Guide. Musical instruction is also available for beginners with Making Music - First Steps. Notate 2 is a great resource for music teachers. The program is designed for classroom use with an interactive whiteboard and contains a Teacher Guide and a Manual of Pupil Activities.

Features and Resources:

  • simple drag and drop interface to easily create music compositions
  • drag and drop notes, sharps, flats, naturals and rests to music staves
  • program plays each note as it is placed which develops the ear for music
  • select time and key signatures
  • use treble clef, base clef, and single line percussion staves to compose music
  • compose in single track or in multiple tracks (up to eight tracks)
  • choose from a wide range of instrument sounds plus drum and percussion kits for each track
  • use a sound mixer to control the volume and balance of each track
  • add lyrics to compositions
  • access a library of popular and classical songs to learn composition of familiar tunes
  • use templates and patterns to quickly build compositions and learn familiar music patterns
  • instantly create guitar-type chords to add to compositions
  • print music sheets
  • record and play compositions on computer or connect with a MIDI musical playing device
  • record music played on a musical keyboard
  • export music files to play in Powerpoint presentations

System Requirements:

The program is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP and requires a minimum of 256 MB RAM and 30 MB of hard disk space.

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