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Know Your USA is feature packed software designed to test and expand your knowledge of the United States.

Know Your USA presents users with high quality maps of the United States which they interact with to complete quizzes and games. The software is ideal for anyone who wishes to learn more about USA.

Know Your USA - Introduction Menu
Know Your USA - Introduction Menu

Know Your USA presents users with maps of the United States which they interact with to complete quizzes and games. The main topics covered include: Regions, States, State Capitals, Major Cities, Rivers, Mountains, Lakes, Oceanography and National Parks. The learning process is enhanced with almost 100 scenic photos of the USA, detailed NASA satellite imagery, Google Earth places and Wikipedia links, all designed to help users better understand the geography of the United States.

Puzzle of the States Main Menu
Puzzle of the States Main Menu


Know Your USA is a feature packed software application. Some of the major features include:

  • Fun and easy to use
  • All major Geography features
  • High quality English audio by Sarah Lane
  • Extensive map based quizzes
  • Google Earth links
  • Wikipedia Links
  • Over 80 scenic photos
  • Puzzle of the states with timer
  • User printable certificates
  • Question Quick Fire round
  • User monitoring system
  • Windows photo screensaver
  • Desktop wallpapers

Know Your USA features almost every major geographic feature of the United States including:

  • Regions
  • States
  • State Capitals
  • Major Cities
  • Rivers
  • Mountains
  • Lakes
  • Oceanography
  • National Parks
Quiz Menu Study Major Cities
Quiz Menu Study Major Cities

Admin Control Panel

We have worked hard on developing an advance control panel for use by teachers in schools. The control panel is a central location for teachers to edit many of the features in Know Your USA and track the progress of their students. The control panel is only available in the school license.

Admin Control Panel
Admin Control Panel

Printable Worksheet

Included are a series of printable worksheets for use in the classroom or at home. These high quality worksheet maps are perfect for combining computer work with class room teaching.

Learning Concept

Know Your USA utilizes three styles and levels of learning, this enables the user to learn at their own pace. The Study Section - a valuable reference tool, The Quiz Section - offers a guided approach to learning, and The Examine Section - is a test of all the topics covered.

Study Section

The study section of Know Your USA is a valuable reference area and is ideal for the user to study and revise each area of the United States. This section enables the user to have a clear understanding of the features of the USA before proceeding to the Quiz and Examine sections.

About the USA Study Section
About the USA Study Section

Quiz Section

In this area the user is presented with a guided approach to learning. The user takes the knowledge gained from Study Your USA and puts it into practice. If the user makes a mistake they are given a hint and asked to try again, if they make another error the correct answer is shown. This enables the user to learn from their mistakes and continue with the learning process in confidence.

This section consists of point and click style quizzes of each topic, this involves direct map interaction with the mouse. The quiz is helpful and corrects the user in real time if they make a mistake, and shows them where they made their mistake. This process is illustrated in the screen shots below, the user is asked to click on Texas (Step 1). If the user does not click on the correct state, they are given a hint, for example "Texas is the second largest state" (Step 2). If the user answers the question incorrect again, they are shown where the state is on the map by highlighting it in blue (Step 3). Different hints are given depending on the question asked.

Step 1 Step 2
Step 1 Step 2
Step 3
Step 3

Examine Section

The examine section of Know Your USA is where the user is presented with a test on all the topics covered. This section requests the user to type in the correct answer, so they also need to know the correct spelling of each feature. An optional spelling drawer (word bank) is also available which is great for users to learn the correct spellings.

The users progress is tracked and they can review how they preformed at the end of the quiz. Their progress is also stored in the Know Your USA database so they can keep track of their progress.

Examine Lakes Examine States
Examine Lakes Examine States

Jigsaw Puzzle

Know Your USA comes with a great puzzle of all the states of the USA, to complete the puzzle all the states must be positioned correctly on the map. The user can also keep track of their time, and the fastest time is also recorded in the Know Your USA database.

Wikipedia Link

The Study section of Know Your USA features a link to the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia, this provides users with additional, up-to-date information on each feature. This link can also be disabled if you wish to prevent the user from going online.


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