Test Your Thinking Powers with Core Mind Builder!

Core Mind Builder

Core Mind Builder - Brain Teaser software with additional math based addition excercises Screenshots Order Now! Core Mind Builder is packed with hundreds of professionally designed brain teasers to improve your creative problem-solving skills and abstract reasoning powers. For the committed brain teaser fan, it is undiluted fun with a serious edge. For the committed mind-improver, it is an endlessly fascinating way to develop and sharpen your mental abilities.

Build Brain Power!

Choose a difficulty level suited to you, and then increase the challenge as you become more competent. With a mix of multiple choice and simple text questions, this program delivers a mind stretching variety of the best brain teasers you will find.

Stimulating tests designed by top MENSA puzzle editors and test experts will:

  • Keep your brain fit!
  • Build your Thinking Powers!
  • Boost your Memory!
  • Make you Test Savvy!

By working through these critical thinking tests you will begin to think more clearly, analyze situations more efficiently and learn to recognize patterns in seemingly confusing situations. Core Mind Builder is highly rated as a preparation program for SAT and other types of entrance exams.

Boost Mental Processing Skills with Math Exercises

Good brain function requires an efficient working memory to process information and the effective retrieval of learned information from long term memory. Core Mind Builder includes addition exercises that challenge both working memory and long term memory which will not only keep memory function operating efficiently but will also support general mental processing capability. Choose Novice, Intermediate or Advanced Level addition drills and the number ranges you want to practice with! Track your math skills development with time and accuracy records that can be accessed in the Administrator area. Track your progress with saved records showing both time and accuracy for your addition drills.

System Requirements: Windows 7, Vista, XP - 128 MB RAM; 46 MB Hard Disk Space

For a complete mental arithmetic challenge with adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing and making change, try the Calculation Skills Education Collection.


We invite you to browse our website for other Brain Teasers and Psychometric Testing software. Increase your Math Skills and Brain Power with the Core Mind Builder Pro and Core Mind Builder software titles. To learn more on brain teasers and math drills contact us at info@core-learning.com or call us at 1-800-270-4643.


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